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Located in the 'New & High Technology Industrial Development Zone' of Nanjing city in the Jiangsu province, Nanjing Jinglong PharmaTech is a contract research organization (CRO) specializing in organic synthesis. What we offer parallels the drug discovery process and provides significant advantages at each step from lead discovery to lead optimization, chemical synthesis and scale-up of pharmaceutical intermediates as well as chemical process R&D.

We specialize in the synthesis of quantities from milligrams to kilograms, including:

  • Early stage proof-of-concept projects to validate biological hypotheses
  • Validation of screening hits for exploratory medicinal chemistry (hit-to-lead)
  • In-depth structure-activity relationship (SAR) studies
  • Intermediates for expediting med chemistry SAR campaigns

  • Drug candidates for in vivo studies
  • Reference agents for bioprofiling
  • Reference metabolites

  • Stable isotope labeled compounds

  • Building blocks for combinatorial chemistry
  • Key intermediates for pharmaceuticals
  • Key intermediates for biomaterial and biosensor applications

Our business model provides flexibility for creating values for customers who face the decision: a) should custom projects be done on a best efforts, time and materials basis (FTE) in which the sponsor assumes most of the risk? or b) by a fixed price in which the CRO takes all of the risk (one-off). Pricing is quite different depending on who is the prime risk taker. Furthermore, is the expense of a custom synthesis for a particular compound prudent?

Relationships are absolutely essential to the success of all outsourcing initiatives. We typically undertake one-off projects initially where Nanjing Jinglong PharmaTech assumes the risk during the crucial period for getting acquainted with our customers. Shared risk can then be considered, if mutually agreeable, such as:

  • One-off projects and catalog sales initially
  • Evolve to FTEs for appropriate projects
  • Blend of one-off, FTE and catalog sales offers best value to both parties.

In addition to expeditious synthesis campaigns, we also maximize value for customers through our operations. Our business principles encompass the following:

  • Plan for success, and be successful on every project
  • Deliver high purity final product(s) and intermediates
  • Meet negotiated time lines
  • Add value for our customers, with attention to cost-effectiveness and operational efficiencies.

We understand the importance of confidentiality based on our business experience with pharmaceutical customers. We work strictly under Confidentiality Agreements.

At JLPT, we deliver not only compounds but also reliable, high quality and cost-effective organic synthesis service. Our customers expect rapid turnaround times on both the quotes and delivery of the product. As a general rule, we respond to new inquire within 48 hours after the initial screening of literatures if the material is not in stock. Once a project is underway, we provide each customer with a biweekly report updating the status of the synthesis project. This facilitates real-time feedback from customers. We listen carefully to customers' concerns and needs and address each promptly and effectively.

JLPT considers quality an essential criterion for every product. Together, as partner with our clients, we are committed to developing new and innovative ways to reduce costs and lead times, while continually maintaining the highest quality standards. That is why we guarantee batch purity and uniformity and pre-approve every batch with our customers. A full characterization report or COA will be issued for every compound from Nanjing Jinglong PharmaTech.